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Michele-7Michele McConomy

Vice President, RocketX @RocketSpace


twitter: @michelemcconomy

RocketSpace is a technology campus, start-up accelerator, located in the heart of San Francisco. At RocketSpace, we believe the future of innovation for Fortune 500 companies will be a combination of in-house development and symbiotic relationships with disruptive startups. RocketX is the division of RocketSpace to lead large corporate brands to work with startups to bring the future to market. Our solutions provide corporations with the ability to engage with over 30,000 early-stage startups from around the world via our in-house research team. Our expertise in corporate open innovation gives the corporate world the ability to accelerate and drive disruptive innovations with other corporate partners and the startup community.

At RocketSpace, we connect tech startups, global brands, accelerator programs, and entrepreneurs to bring the future to market. We believe that you’re a product of your environment: RocketSpace surrounds its members with a perfect ecosystem of resources that they need to accelerate their growth including unique access to corporate brands, venture capital, partnerships, speakers, mentoring, and talent. Notable alumni include Uber, Spotify, Leap Motion, Snip.it and Podio. Corporate innovation partners include Samsung, British Airways, Microsoft, Pearson and General Motors.A8zO-VVCAAEXjZ3.jpg-large

Corporate innovation encompasses a number of recent trends including open innovation: as corporations come to grips with the ever increasing pace of change driven by technology, they are realizing the benefits of partnering with the vibrant innovation of early-stage startups. Corporate partnerships provide startups an exciting opportunity to identify go-to-market strategies and viability of their product. RocketSpace provides a technology campus that brings the two together.  RocketX is the division of RocketSpace dedicated to providing expertise to drive open innovation programs and create valuable connections to the startup world to drive the future to market.  We help corporations with their open innovation activities spanning from technology scouting to trend identification to product acceleration/incubation.



photo-1Michele is an experienced leader in change management and innovation, focusing on impacting corporate performance and profitability through the creation of value generating innovation programs. She is responsible for helping global organizations develop and scale their innovation programs by focusing on enabling the right strategy, process, and technology to power innovation and value creation.


With diverse knowledge and expertise, Michele has over 10 years of experience in innovation management, strategy and operations, change management, and business process improvement.  Currently, Michele is working with global organizations in the industries of Entertainment, Media & Communications, Consumer & Retail, Financial Services, Higher Education, Energy, and Industrial Products to maximize their innovation capabilities and develop robust innovation programs.

As Vice President and US Business Services Leader at Mindjet, Michele focused on leading a team of elite innovation professionals to develop and drive corporate innovation programs and initiatives, focused on impact to value and growth.  Michele and her teams have worked with many Fortune 500 companies in driving their innovation programs and initiatives, including global brands like Amway, Pfizer, Intel, MetLife, JP Morgan Chase, Warner Brothers, DuPont, and QVC to name a few.  Leveraging crowdsourcing, game mechanics and big data analytics, Mindjet’s is helping the world’s leading brands invent disruptive products, generate new revenue streams, build an innovation culture, reduce costs and significantly improve employee and customer engagement.  The world’s leading brands including major Retail, Healthcare, Financial, Technology, Government, Insurance, Utilities and Pharmaceutical companies use Mindjet products.

Prior to joining Spigit, Michele’s reported to the Chief Innovation Officer of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) LLP, leading areas specific to innovation management and implementation for the world’s largest providers of assurance, tax, and business consulting services. Michele was one of the founding members of PwC’s US Innovation Office back in 2007 and her responsibilities focused on developing and executing an enterprise strategy for social innovation and idea sharing.During her tenure with PwC’s Innovation Office, Michele led all idea management activities including overseeing the strategy and execution of the first idea management tool, PwC iPlace.  Her team was responsible for collaborating with leadership and their teams to evaluate, evolve, and implement ideas with the potential to generate business value, increase revenues, and drive cost savings. She also consulted with Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries on innovation management and change management activities. 

While at the firm, Michele was the resident expert on innovation challenges.  She worked with leadership to launch innovation challenges and focused campaigns to generate new ideas and opportunities for PwC U.S.  During her tenure, her team successfully ran numerous innovation challenges across the entire organization, ranging from small pilots to large-scale engagements.   In October 2011, her former team was featured in Fortune Magazine, showcasing the Firm’s first company-wide innovation competition, PowerPitch.  She also consulted with many clients and organizations on the diverse portfolio of innovation initiatives while at PwC.

Prior to her work in the U.S. Innovation Office, Michele was part of PwC’s Advisory Consulting practice where she consulted on business process improvement, change management, internal auditing and enterprise risk management.  She has worked in a variety of sectors and industries, most notably Entertainment & Media, Technology, and Telecommunications. Before PwC, she was a consultant with BearingPoint, Inc. in the Federal Government and Defense practice (U.S. Department of Defense).

She has a Bachelor of Science from Penn State University in Operations and Information Systems Management.

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